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So, I meant to post about this sooner, but today is the last day to donate to one of my (and Tim’s) favorite causes- the California German Shorthair Pointer Rescue.

You see, the GSP Rescue was a big deal to Tim. He volunteered there—helping with all sorts of needs, like building a fence for Jan, cleaning up the lawn, mowing, and endless chores that needed to be done. Tim had a huge heart, and a soft spot for those pointers. And the people at the rescue are amazing. Jan has been running this rescue from her own residence, and giving dogs that would have been killed a second chance. In addition, to rescuing the dogs, the provide medical care, rehabilitation, and foster care. And Jan’s main volunteer, Greg has the biggest heart! His photo skills have also helped.

Anyhoo… today’s the last day to donate to their Double the Love Drive. Any amount will be doubled by an anonymous donor. So your $25 now becomes their $50 benefit. This money will go towards rescuing the dogs, all the big medical fees, surgery procedures, dog food, and misc things.

Here’s some photos with our sugar, Oliver, our GSP we rescued from this center. And take a few minutes to donate to Oliver’s peeps!

photo by Greg Williams. Love this action shot of Oliver. You didn’t know that Oliver is part kangaroo.

Photo by Greg Williams. My favorite sugars. 

Photo by Greg Williams. Tim and another volunteer building a fence on the property. Sweet safari hat, Tim.

From Surf Dog, 2007.

These above shots are from my iPhone, so sorry about the bad quality. But had to share my sugar taking good care of me. Before Tim passed he wasn’t allowed on the couch. So, yes, I’ve spoiled my pup a bit more.


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Three (3) things that I just found out about that are really inspiring and fueling me right now.

1) Foam Magazine. Has anyone seen this magazine before? Ohh-eem-geee!

I realize I’m been under rock for a bit, so if you’ve already been a fan of this, then, well, I’m just now joining the campfire.

I’m completely in love with it! I found this mag at the bookstore on Saturday. It’s a magazine dedicated to the beach/surf culture and its positive influences on fashion, art, music and action sports. And it does it without seeming too girly girl, or to surfy surf, if you know what I mean. I’m not a surfer, but I’m surrounded and inspired by the beach/surf culture. And if you’re not a surfer either, you won’t feel intimidated or turned off by this mag.

Anyhoots, the designers for this pub don’t skimp on details. From the velvety-touch cover paperstock, to the tasty marriages of type and photography in the editorials, to the inspiring articles of people, and the eclectic groupings of must-know musicians— this lil mag is a winner in my book!

Take a look-see for yourself here. Can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

+ + + + +  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +  + + +  + + +

2) Element Eden + Live Learn Grow Collection inspired by Amy Purdy.

Element Eden is the feminine and flirty version of Element, focusing on environmentally-conscious clothing for the surfer/skater-inspired lifestyle. They also launched an “advocate” program, a group of real women doing interesting things that capture the definition of the Element Eden gal. A woman who inspires others to “Live, Learn, Grow”, which they define as:

1) Someone who’s passionate about life

2) Inspired by art + creation

3) She’s conscious about social + environmental awareness

4) She’s empowered despite obstacles in front of her

5) She’s beautiful on the inside and out

6) She follows her dreams + speaks from her heart

7) She’s fearless

Check out this video below and click here to learn more about Element Eden.

I really love what they are doing and wish more female clothing companies would follow their mantra, instead of inspiring women to be sex objects.

+ + + + +  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +  + + +  + + +

3) Amy Purdy.

All I can say, is this girl rocks. And she’ll inspire and empower you too. And you can see why Element Eden was so inspired by her. She didn’t let her circumstance get in the way of her living her fullest, most adventureous, and most fulfilling life. Instead of me gushing by how great and inspiring she is… I’d rather you listen from her. Below is a TedX talk she gave last year and I warn you, you may need a tissue.

The power of imagination. Believe in the possibilities.

I believe that God wants our life to be meaningful, beautiful and extraordinary. And God is inviting all of us to write a better story. You see, we are all in some kind of circumstance or situation that puts us in a pickle. So we complain and feel all bummed and seeing other people with nicer things, better paying jobs, bigger this or that, or we just feel that life doesn’t seem fair. But our story isn’t completely “our” story. I believe that our story is what God has in his plan and vision. That Jesus becomes the author. Hmm… yes, I’m sure I got some peeps out there that are now wondering why they are reading this blog… Well, He thrives within you and wants you to make your story epic.

“Our response to this drama or circumstance is a direct response to what you want to focus on. And your response is a direct reflection of that information (not necessarily the truth). Using worship as a response to truth is a weapon in your life ” – Miles Mcpherson.

You just have to let God know that you need his help. That you can’t do this on your own. That when you open your heart to his guidance and plan, that he’ll guide you. You see, we aren’t in control of our lives. Yes, we all have routines, and like to be masters of control freakin’, but things are gonna happen again and again, without our control. Loved ones will die. Loved ones will lose their job. Loved ones will get cancer. And we aren’t in control. But its how we respond that situation, circumstance or rock in our path that makes all the difference. Do you inspire hope? Do you inspire love? How will you write your story?

Peace, love & blessings! And thank you for reading.




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I had a bunch of ideas for today’s post (sourcing all my favorite things to give loved ones etc), but my heart just didn’t have the energy. And honestly, seems that when I’ve just let my fingers type (or when I’m driving in my car) and letting my thoughts flow and dance, is when it seems to come from my heart and gives me the most clarity, which is why I’m doing this blog.

But here’s a lil somethin’ somethin’ for Valentine’s Day that I found from Friends of Type blog. These guys are killer with type. And I visit their blog often for inspiration. And this quote is timeless.

It’s amazing how one’s heart will guide you, not your eyes, your sense of touch or even your brain. When you do/ say/ feel what intuition guides you to, it’s pretty powerful. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). The voice of that purest light of yourself  telling you what to do. Meditation is another wonderful way to engage in that stillness and open your heart to this or His guidance too.

Well that’s it… I hope your day is filled with chocolates (I’m thinking the really good kind, like dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt!).

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Some of you have heard this before. So I apologize if you’re tired of hearing this one!

It was Saturday, February 15, 2003.

It was a friend’s birthday. So myself and 3 other girlfriends decided to hit up a local music venue to celebrate. We first went to the restaurant next door and ordered drinks.

After we were seated the server informed us that the restaurant was closing so if we wanted anything to eat, we’d better place our orders. We weren’t hungry so we continued catching up and enjoying our tasty drinks.

Then, another guy comes to the table. (it’s Tim!). I think he’s another server, since he’s in jeans and a t-shirt.

Again, tells us the kitchen is closing and to find out if we wanted anything to eat. So, I tell him, we’d be up for a dessert. I love dessert!

So he brings out  dessert. It’s cheesecake. And tells us that its his Aunt Joan’s famous recipe cheesecake. It’s delicious. Never was a fan of cheesecake. But this was SOME cheesecake.

So… few minutes pass, and we’ve pretty much devoured the cheesecake. And Tim comes back to check in on us. Asks how’s the cheesecake. And we’re all smiling and raving about it.

So, he pulls up a chair and strikes up lots of conversation. He’s totally genuine. And find out he’s a chef. (Hmm… so that got my attention. He’s handsome and… a handsome guy that can cook. Nice!)

He chats with all of us— talks about surfing, travelling, politics (yeah, politics!), and various things.

It was the first time in a long time that I was kinda smitten.

Felt that I had to ask this guy out.


After he left the table, I’m all giddy, and tell the gals that I’m going to ask him out. And they’re like “Oh yeah… he’s soo into you… do it.”

So, our server comes back and I drill him about Tim… does he have a girlfriend? Is he a player? Server tells me he’s single and definitely not a player.

So… I give my biz card to the server to give to Tim.

{ And then this is Tim’s side of the story: Tim gets the card and thinks the card is from my friend. Tells the server he’s not interested. And then the server’s like, no, its the blonde. And Tim’s goes, ok, yeah, she’s cute. }

So… Tim comes back into the restaurant. Jokes and tells me that I probably do this all the time. Then, he guides me over to the huge calendar, for the concert schedule at the venue next door. And we pick out when we’ll go on our date.

And so we hang out the rest of the night. He gives me a tour of  the concert venue backstage, where Erykah Badu, Etta James, and all the other musicians have hung out before their performances.

That was a night to remember. Can’t believe it was 9 years ago.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Next Tuesday and Wednesday (Valentine’s and anniversary of meeting Tim will another “First.” (first Valentine’s without him/ First anniversary of when we met without him). I’ve been teary these past few days driving into work.

So stoked to have met Tim, but these “firsts” are always the reality check of this new life.

I’m going to end and leave you with this note that I got from Martha Beck, a famous writer/contributor to Oprah Magazine and speaker that I met back in December at the TEDX conference. I asked for her autograph and this is what she gave me. I cried after she gave this to me. It gives me comfort, courage and strength. And perhaps for you too.

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‎January is an interesting month for me and Tim.

8 months ago. Tim left my arms for heaven.
9 years ago (officially next month), I asked him out.
6 years ago this month, he proposed to me after a day of snowboarding.
3 years ago this month cancer began its toll on him.

The number 8 has become my lucky number because of him. We were together for 8 years, and it also looks like the infinity symbol. He will forever be my soul mate. My true love and best friend.

He taught me so much about myself and life.

I will always love him. And find solace and joy going through these memories.

Though sad as it is for him to not be with me physically to share, I take comfort that he cherishes those memories too. My heart grew when we met, and he’ll always remain deep in my heart.

I’m taking each day at a time. Surrounding myself with great love from family and friends, and relishing in the joy of life.

I’m trying to make him proud and smile also. Not a day goes by or moments in a day that I don’t think of him.

Here’s to not letting go, but to forging on.

I can’t change what happened 8 months ago or 3 years ago.

That every day is a gift from God.

I am blessed and thankful for all the memories (good memories and the ugly ones).

These memories I can learn from, grow from, and treasure in my heart daily.

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