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I’m a creative designer and writer/content creator for this blog. My ultimate life goal is to be a creative humanitarian— to have fun but positively inspire others to BE and DO their creative best. To be the next fusion of Audrey Hepburn and Amy Poehler (I wish!!)

I love travelling to new places, watching live music, eating good food, laughing and hanging with friends and family. I’m a city girl who enjoys nature, the outdoors and activity. I’m also happy with an assortment of cheese and a good wine or IPA. I’ve lived in 7 states and Germany, but now call Southern California my home.

He’s the most awesome dog on the planet. Yep. I’m not kidding. He’s constantly making me laugh, stay active and interrupt me when I’ve been on the computer too long. He’s unconditional love with four legs.

I started this blog in 2012 as a creative and healing outlet. The life I had imagined and deeply loved, tragically ended on May 28, 2011, when Tim, my husband, passed away from a 2-year battle with an aggressive and rare form of lymphoma. He was my soul mate. My twin flame. His life ended too soon.

And yet, my life still has to move forward. This major tragedy is part of my life curriculum. And though I’ve lost a great love, I’m so blessed and grateful for the 8 years I shared with Tim. God showed me what true love is, and I look forward to finding it again. You can read more about the roller coaster we endured here. For popular posts about us, go here and here.

This blog is my evolution. It’s a healing and creative outlet. I’ve shared my journey, to help others going through loss and to help anyone who reads, to realize the value of this beautiful gift, called life. That life goes too quick.

To take advantage and enjoy today.

This is my outlet to share inspiring, empowering, and interesting things. Thank you for reading and sharing! xo