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onmyown-bepatientHappy Labor Weekend peeps!

I’m sorry it’s been 2 full months or so since I’ve posted. I’ve focused on building my business and working on some killer clients and haven’t had time to blog. Feeling exhausted, beat down, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated and realizing that I need to incorporate more balance. More time to honor and cherish myself. So this holiday weekend is perfect timing!

And today I’m feeling a huge wave of love and gratitude. Maybe because my birthday is on Sunday and there’s this celebratory vibe in the air.

Anyhoots, here’s a lil bit of love I’ve created above for you. When life gets hectic and uncontrollably overwhelming, remind yourself of this message above.

Sounds simple and too basic??

When you trust and have faith in something beyond yourself, you know that before good change can happen, things are usually CRAY CRAY. Be receptive during this CRAY CRAY. You probably don’t realize that life is handing you this mess so that you can see the way THROUGH it. To power through the struggle because there are wonderful lessons within it.

Yep. I know it takes time.

And its not easy.

But you are so loved through all of it.

Unconditionally. 24/7. 365 days a year.

You are awesome.

So… with that, have an awesome weekend and relax!

I’ve got friends coming into town and we are celebrating my 36 years in this world tomorrow night. I’m totally blessed and grateful for such beautiful and amazingly great friends and my family and friends that won’t be able to join in, but be there with me fully in spirit. And my soul sisters are my family, they really push and guide me to be what I sometimes can’t see in myself.

Hugs + High-fives, Michelle




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It’s officially summer, thanks to the June 20th summer solstice. Time to shalack on the sunscreen, enjoy icy treats and relish in the good times.

Last summer was quite a blur for me. I was stoked to re-introduce myself to my quaint beachy, surf town, since the previous summers were filled with intense rollercoasters–and not the fun kind at the fair—more like the emotional kind. I was lovingly devoted to being at Tim’s side either at home or in the hospital, or chained to the intense deadlines at work.

And although I was able to enjoy time at the beach last year, one might think sitting at a beach should bring one happiness, it did in many ways, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, it filled my heart and mind with so many great memories that I shared with Tim, so it was very sad, numbing, and surreal.

So this summer, I’m ready to enjoy life again, explore and create some new memories.

Get the salt in my hair. Spend time with friends (from my past and new ones that I have yet to meet). Barbecues. Outdoor festivals and fairs. Fireworks lighting up the sky. Road trips. And more.

Enjoying your summertime doesn’t involve lots of money or lots of work. Just the right mindset.

Thought these few things might inspire your summer agenda too. Above art from here.

This found here

This found here

Enjoy your summer peeps! xoxo

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A week or so after Tim had passed I found this video on my laptop.

I have to tell you the first time I saw this my heart sank, as Tim’s voice yells out in the first seconds of this. It’s awesome to hear but also so heartbreaking. But it’s typical Tim, and I’m so blessed to have this amazing video.

And I’ve watched this enough times to be proud and honored to share this with you.

This is from 3 or 4 years ago, when Big Bear Mountain had a pretty good dumping of snow, and it documents mainly Tim cruising down the mountain. I’m amazed at how Scott was able to film and snowboard at the same time. Its a bit long, but its a great way to see Tim in action on the mountain. And you’ll see Tim’s big smile, completely stoked and having so much fun. And I think that’s why I love this video so much.

His ability to capture the day and genuinely live it up. And his energy was so contagious. Those are some of his best qualities and things I miss. I miss so many more things, but everyone that knew Tim, knows what I mean, and misses these qualities too.

Watching this video also reminds me of the great times Tim and I had snowboarding together. And he was so good at snowboarding that it forced me to get better with it quickly, so that I could cruise with him, instead of falling so much. I love how this video makes you feel like you’re with Tim.

Thank you Scott for documenting and sharing this with me. You and Tim had some great memories together, and I know this one brings a smile to your heart also.

We miss you Tim, but we know you are up in heaven with happiness everywhere. And perfect snowboarding conditions and jumps that would make us all hoot and holler for yah.

With all my heart, love & miss you shugar!! xo

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This photo was taken back in 2007. I love how candid the first shot is. And the second shot makes me smile. Oliver looks a bit goofy, and Tim’s got a sassy grin, like he’s about to make a joke of some sort.

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Here’s a sneak peek of my night with the lovely garden goddesses from a few weeks ago. I helped them cater a TEDx bootcamp speaker event. We had a blast, as you can see here. And met some fabulous peeps. More to follow…

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