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So a funny thing happened yesterday morning.

I woke up late (around 10:30am) after being up most of the night from Oliver being amped up from the strong winds and rain, banging the trees and front screen door against the house.

As I was getting my shower started, noticed that my glass shower door was off track, and it wasn’t sliding properly. It was actually this way for a few days, and for some reason, thought I could manage fixing this.

Soooo, I’m holding the glass door at its side, almost get it on track, and then the door exploded on me. It was raining glass!!! I was paralyzed holding the shower handle in my right hand. I looked down and realized I had jumped backwards.

HOLY CRAP! What just happened here?

I was shaking like 10 times what Oliver was the night before with the wind gusts.

I was so amazed at what I had accomplished, or, didn’t accomplish with my handiness. And trying to figure out what to do first, (shower/ run Oliver/ eat breakfast/ cleanup this crazy mess!) before Tim’s folks were coming in few hours.

I kinda stood in awe for a bit at how much glass was now on my bathroom floor, inside the shower, and who knows where else.

So, I was worried I might be wearing glass, so a shower seemed to be priority. But before that, I realized my hands had tiny nicks and a bigger nick that was bleeding pretty good. So I cleaned that up, and put a few band-aids on my right hand, took a shower in the other bathroom and got ready. Then took Oliver for a quick run and scarfed down a Starbuck’s (yucky) veggie sandwich and then chugged down a coffee.

I was still pretty shaky (and no, it wasn’t the coffee) from this shower door. By the time I got the shopvac setup, Tim’s folks arrived. I was so blessed they were there to help me! I didn’t want them to clean up the mess, just wanted to show them the crazy mess that happened. Felt so compelled to show and share the madness. They were so awesome and they did so much with all the cleanup, just so thankful and blessed for their help. I felt so bad, that this was part of our visit.

Anyways, here’s the photos from my weekend “excitement.”

The bath towel is on the floor, since the handle is on the right.

Mmm… crunchy.

We filled about 4-6 of these hospital buckets.

No real injuries, just scared the living daylights outta me, that’s all.


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