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Visionboard 2013

For me, 2013 really feels like a new beginning.

So I realize most people talk about resolutions in January. Then February comes and it’s like… what resolutions. Ehhh.

BUT, for me. I’m so amped up for 2013. I’m ready for this year. Ready to make things happen. That sense of sooo many things at once. Part joy. Part fear. So many things I want to do and accomplish.

Last year was an intense and confusing year on my own. Trying to figure out myself and this new journey. Who I was. What I was meant to do. What path or paths I should take. I was depressed. I was overwhelmed. I was ready to slow down and have peace in my heart.

That I was letting my past prevent me from healing and MOVING FORWARD. To take responsibility for doing the creative best in my own life. Here’s two ways I’ve kickstarted my year.


Fun + inspiring exercises to supercharge things for 2013:

1) Create a vision board

> Grab magazines

> Cut out photos and words that represent what you and things you want to happen for 2013

> Resolutions, goals, etc of what you want to manifest this year

> Collage all these things together

> Display this vision board artwork so you will see it everyday.

The above image is my vision board. In December, I sat down to create my vision for 2013. I was so ready for a new start. My goal for this year is this circle of happiness — to balance career, life and love. To find my second soul mate. To work on creative and fulfilling projects. Go to interesting places. Create a community that empowers. When I feel confused or doubt myself, this vision board serves as a good inspiration to stay focused. To not lose faith in myself and to have patience with timing.


2) Next, choose a word

– Something to ignite and represent your vision for this year

– I got this idea via Susannah Conway. See her blog for more insight and ideas


Vision word 2013


My word is flirt. I chose this for its playful approach. I want to be brave and open-minded this year as I flirt (maybe dance) into different arenas of my life — leading my design business, transforming my home, meeting new people, learning new skills, taking care of my health, and having fun.

So what’s your vision and/ or word for 2013? I’d love to hear from you.


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