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For those that aren’t  matched up with someone today (and c’mon dogs, cats, and other animals are included but NOT the same!), please remember that YOU ARE SO LOVED.

It took me awhile to really have that INNER love for myself. It’s easy to take care of your exterior self— you can put on a nice outfit, get a good haircut, etc. But to truly have and feel inner love and confidence, is much harder and takes work. Yep, I’m still a work in progress.

And you can’t compare yourself with others. Just love what you’ve got! I’ve realized this, and once you let go of all your inner voices telling you other nasty things, it is quite awesome and amazing. In fact, you will be much calmer, stronger and happier. And doesn’t that look sexy?

And what are my plans? I’m actually going to a “single” mingle event tonight. I know, it’s kinda silly and cheesy. But why the heck not? I’m feeling flirty and Mr. Soulmate isn’t knocking on my door. And I’m actually more excited about my weekend plans with my “soul” sister Dana – wine, mani/pedis, comedy show, talking about men, life and lots of laughing.

Enjoy these creative bits from the book, You Are So Loved by Chronicle Books.



Happy Valentine’s and enjoy today! What do you have planned today or this weekend? xoxo

Image sources: We Are Alive / We Are All Apart of the Same Thing / I Can’t Do This / Magic

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