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I wanted to thank all of you that made last week less difficult. From all the flowers, lil gifts, cards, texts and emails they all meant so much. You all were my angels and I felt your love. You got me through this lil bump.

I wanted to share the musician that really moved my soul on Valentine’s. I went to a yoga class with my girl Fall and Steve Gold performed during the entire session. His music is sweet and relaxing. And he moved me so much, I had a pretty hard cry.

His song, “So much magnificence” really reminded me of Tim. The lyrics to the song are very simple, but its a 7 minute song. Here’s the lyrics:

There is so much magnificence
near the ocean
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in

Have a listen to it here (its song #3) Steve Gold | So Much Magnificence

I actually got so choked up while Steve was playing this song during the closing meditation of the class, that I was trying not to be too loud, so that I wouldn’t ruin everyone’s peaceful quiet time!

And for those of you that know Tim, the ocean was Tim’s playground. Hearing those lyrics, especially on Valentine’s, was bittersweet. I pictured Tim during this song, at the water’s edge wearing his wetsuit, as if he was coming out of the water after a good surf session. And I did feel some sort of presence from Tim. So much so, that it felt like he squeezed my right hand to let me know its okay. It was a good deep cry, and I’m glad that my emotions were able to release those tears.

Tim always had a blast in the ocean. Even if the waves weren’t “epic” he always managed to have a good time. Always making the best of the surf conditions, always feeling stoked and refreshed afterwards. I always loved to see Tim and his best friend Mike surf together too.

So, I’d like to share some of my favorite shots of Tim surfing. There’s so many, but here’s a few of my favorites. And as Tim and Mike would say… Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeebrahhhh!

photo by Eric Watanabe
photos by Greg Williams taken at Tippers.
From our honeymoon in Maui. 
I love you with my whole heart Tim! 
To listen to Steve Gold’s newest CD, have a listen here: Steve Gold | Let Your Heart Be Known.
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