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It’s officially summer, thanks to the June 20th summer solstice. Time to shalack on the sunscreen, enjoy icy treats and relish in the good times.

Last summer was quite a blur for me. I was stoked to re-introduce myself to my quaint beachy, surf town, since the previous summers were filled with intense rollercoasters–and not the fun kind at the fair—more like the emotional kind. I was lovingly devoted to being at Tim’s side either at home or in the hospital, or chained to the intense deadlines at work.

And although I was able to enjoy time at the beach last year, one might think sitting at a beach should bring one happiness, it did in many ways, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, it filled my heart and mind with so many great memories that I shared with Tim, so it was very sad, numbing, and surreal.

So this summer, I’m ready to enjoy life again, explore and create some new memories.

Get the salt in my hair. Spend time with friends (from my past and new ones that I have yet to meet). Barbecues. Outdoor festivals and fairs. Fireworks lighting up the sky. Road trips. And more.

Enjoying your summertime doesn’t involve lots of money or lots of work. Just the right mindset.

Thought these few things might inspire your summer agenda too. Above art from here.

This found here

This found here

Enjoy your summer peeps! xoxo

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I love Portland! And so blessed for the handful of times I went up there with Tim. He went to culinary school there. And our friend Jenn, whom he went to culinary school with, always made each visit way more fun.

The food, the waterfalls (outside of the city), the rose garden, Voodoo donuts, the craft beer and all the bikes. It’s a great place to go.

Jenn sent me this amazing video about Portland awhile ago. And I wanted to share. Check it out. Or head up this summer for a good time.


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I wanted to thank all of you that made last week less difficult. From all the flowers, lil gifts, cards, texts and emails they all meant so much. You all were my angels and I felt your love. You got me through this lil bump.

I wanted to share the musician that really moved my soul on Valentine’s. I went to a yoga class with my girl Fall and Steve Gold performed during the entire session. His music is sweet and relaxing. And he moved me so much, I had a pretty hard cry.

His song, “So much magnificence” really reminded me of Tim. The lyrics to the song are very simple, but its a 7 minute song. Here’s the lyrics:

There is so much magnificence
near the ocean
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in

Have a listen to it here (its song #3) Steve Gold | So Much Magnificence

I actually got so choked up while Steve was playing this song during the closing meditation of the class, that I was trying not to be too loud, so that I wouldn’t ruin everyone’s peaceful quiet time!

And for those of you that know Tim, the ocean was Tim’s playground. Hearing those lyrics, especially on Valentine’s, was bittersweet. I pictured Tim during this song, at the water’s edge wearing his wetsuit, as if he was coming out of the water after a good surf session. And I did feel some sort of presence from Tim. So much so, that it felt like he squeezed my right hand to let me know its okay. It was a good deep cry, and I’m glad that my emotions were able to release those tears.

Tim always had a blast in the ocean. Even if the waves weren’t “epic” he always managed to have a good time. Always making the best of the surf conditions, always feeling stoked and refreshed afterwards. I always loved to see Tim and his best friend Mike surf together too.

So, I’d like to share some of my favorite shots of Tim surfing. There’s so many, but here’s a few of my favorites. And as Tim and Mike would say… Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeebrahhhh!

photo by Eric Watanabe
photos by Greg Williams taken at Tippers.
From our honeymoon in Maui. 
I love you with my whole heart Tim! 
To listen to Steve Gold’s newest CD, have a listen here: Steve Gold | Let Your Heart Be Known.
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Alison and I had time to go up for the day to Park City and scope out the Sundance Film Festival after the Alt Summit. I’ve never been to Sundance or Park City, so I was stoked. We tood the day trip with 4 new friends from the Alt conference and the 6 of us had a blast. I was totally blown away!

We didn’t see any movies. Or any celebrities, as we had hoped. And it’s easy not see a movie while you’re at Sundance. There’s so much going on in the quaint, charming town of Park City during the festival. Art installations, Pop-up venues to hang out and stay warm. Cool, locally-owned boutiques. And loads of live music.

So, that was our plan—to check out the live music. The snow was coming down pretty hard, and taking shuttles to movie theatres and trying to get on a waiting list to see any movie, was looking too complicated.

We took a short, quick walk around main street, grabbed a comforting bite to eat at Zoom, then hitup one of the best live music shows I’ve seen in a few years. Granted I haven’t seen much live music in a few years, but we were all pinching ourselves at how spectacular the venue and performers were.

Here’s highlights from our adventure.

young widow adventure

The music café—which only held about 100 people was so personal and intimate. It was basically a studio converted into a performance venue for the festival. For three hours we saw 6 amazing musicians for FREE! Hmm-mmm! Especially when the venue had limited capacity, and was limited to ticket holders. So we totally scored. And the crazy part, is that we almost didn’t get in.

At first the bouncer told us that the venue had reached capacity and that only ticket holders were allowed in. So we walked away. I had stopped at the corner to take a photo, and we found another door into the venue, that lead to the back “re-entry” door. So we went up and the bouncer told us that we had to use the front entry. Then about 6-8 people walked out, and so Alison said to head back to the front and see if the bounce would let us go in if people were leaving. So that’s how we got in. Alison told the front door bouncer that a bunch of people left and to see if we could get in. And so we did.

Here’s the performers.

NOTE: I actually took these shots one-handed, since my other hand was holding a nice, local beer. I’m stoked how well these shots came out. Thanks Mom, Dad  & Tim for this great travel camera!

First up was, A Fine Frenzy. She’s beautiful. Her voice was magical. And she could go from a sweet, soft, piano-playing tune to a flirty dance beat. Really dug her!

Jenny O.

john fronte

Mr funk-delight-fusion (yes, I just said that… I’m a dork) or better known as John Forté. Check out his site, there’s some cool stuff, and he’s got a nice logo.

Natasha Bedingfield

Josh Kelley. (also married to Kathryn Heigl).

His set was acoustic and I really dug it, better than his twangy full production stuff.

One of his songs that’ll be on his new album coming out later this year really floored me. It was about a cowboy who was far from his girl. And she was his angel during his travels back to her. Chorus went something like… “Hallelujah, you’re my angel”.

When he sang that part, it reminded me of Tim. Especially “you’re my angel,” part and seeing the number “12” displayed behind Josh on the backdrop, which is Tim’s lucky number, that teared me up. I didn’t have tears streaming down my face, but my eyes were filled with water and my heart sank a bit. But then I felt a calm, like, Tim was tugging on my shoulder. And I felt this sense that Tim was smiling big down at me, stoked that I was in Park City and wishing he was with me, enjoying the music and letting me know that he wanted me to hear those words. That he’s my angel watching over me.

Ben Taylor. (James Taylor’s and Carly Simon’s son. Can you see it?)

Thank You Sundance. You made the trip up to Utah such a blast. Look forward to coming back.

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