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KONY 2012

For those of you not on the social media scene (if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, etc) you may not have seen this video. However, its something big and important that you need to know about. Please take some time to watch this video. Its long, but after you see it, you’ll understand how impactful this cause is, and how easy it is to help.


The filmmaker, Jason Russell, and his organization, Invisible Children is headquartered in San Diego. After watching the video, go to this link to learn more, see all the celebrities and politicians, sign the petition, and/or get the kit.


Also like to give a shout out to Digitaria, also of San Diego, that created this website LRA Crisis Tracker. It’s a real-time mapping platform and data collection system to help governments, humanitarians, and policy-makers know how to respond better to Lord’s Resistance Army (or LRA).

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