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Hello again, folks. It’s been awhile since my last post. And well, I’ve got a really great reason, or several great reasons.

First off, I quit my job mid-May to heal my heart, slow down, and figure out my life. Also was time for me to move forward creatively.

I went back East in June for my Dad’s 60th birthday, then to the midwest in July for my Grandma’s 80th birthday. Meanwhile, working “on my own” on some great client projects that I’ll share with you soon.

And for my 35th birthday (I know, I look 21 but I feel like an old hag at times!). I decided I wanted to do something awesome and adventurous. And Europe was calling in my heart. It’s been calling for a long time, actually. And I have my great friend Mike for reminding me to travel and do things “I” have wanted to do, but had to sideline with Tim’s health.

So for 17 whirlwind days in September, my sister and one of my best friends, Jill, went on a European adventure. We ate great food, met interesting people, saw Mick Jagger, drank fabulous wine, drank true Belgium beer, and toured through so many insanely beautiful and epic churches and museums. It was truly an escape.

I’ll be sharing more of our trip and what I’m up to currently, but this is my lovely teaser for now.

Ciao & many blessings!






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