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Happy Friday peeps! One of my favorite parts of the Catalyst Conference (see my full post here) a few weeks ago was Johnnyswim.

Johnnyswim is Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. She’s stunning— the daughter of Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano— and he’s quite handsome (!) and originally from Jacksonville, Florida.

They first met after Sunday service at a church in Nashville. Four years later Sudano attended a songwriting workshop held by Ramirez and became interested in writing songs with him. So frickin’ cute, right?

What I loved about them, is that they reminded me of a modern-day Johnny and June Carter Cash, but their music flirts with folk, soul and rock.

They were so flirty and engaging on-stage. Such great chemistry together, you can really tell they have a deep love and admiration for one another, and she has a fun, little sway and dance as he play guitar.

Now, go and check out this link to listen and download new music. My favorite is “Home.”

Have fun dancing to their music and enjoy your weekend. xoxo




 Photos from Johnnyswim.com. Last photo by Tec Petaja

Johnnyswim At Catalyst from Luke St. Lucas on Vimeo.

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A few weeks ago I attended the Catalyst West Conference. Catalyst is a leadership conference filled with diverse speakers, musicians, artisans and food trucks to empower heart-centered leaders of positive change. It felt like a mini Christian-version of TED with a flavor of Coachella. I’m currently co-leading the Graphic Design ministry with Cathy  and our church invited all the ministry leaders to attend. (that’s us above in the black and white photo, the morning of the first day).

All the speakers were fantastic but here’s some you may recognize:

Jim Collins
Tom Shadyac
Christine Caine
The David Crowder Band
Rainn Wilson

It was such a blast! I really enjoyed the attention to detail, it was full sensory experience, and to be surrounded by so many interesting and like-minded peeps. So much great inspiration and wisdom, my head and body ached the following day! To see my favorite stuff from the event, click here and download my Catalyst recap here: Catalyst.






The biggest thing I learned from this conference is to take our “joy” seriously. To not get caught up in being too serious, to really have fun and love what you do. That we are all in a process—we are all growing, learning, healing— and each of our individual experiences, circumstances, however painful, and full of sorrow they may be, they are for bigger lessons we must go through, to discover our purpose. We must trust in what lies ahead. We must be patient and trust that good things will come. To not strive for happiness, because that can be broken, but to be joyful, that endures. To be the love. And be the ambassador of God, so that this joy and light can be continued and embraced for generations.

We were are all in the process of being made. We were made to make a difference. 


For more info about the event check out this Catalyst Highlight video or Trip & Tyler’s Wrap Up video.



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