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Three (3) things that I just found out about that are really inspiring and fueling me right now.

1) Foam Magazine. Has anyone seen this magazine before? Ohh-eem-geee!

I realize I’m been under rock for a bit, so if you’ve already been a fan of this, then, well, I’m just now joining the campfire.

I’m completely in love with it! I found this mag at the bookstore on Saturday. It’s a magazine dedicated to the beach/surf culture and its positive influences on fashion, art, music and action sports. And it does it without seeming too girly girl, or to surfy surf, if you know what I mean. I’m not a surfer, but I’m surrounded and inspired by the beach/surf culture. And if you’re not a surfer either, you won’t feel intimidated or turned off by this mag.

Anyhoots, the designers for this pub don’t skimp on details. From the velvety-touch cover paperstock, to the tasty marriages of type and photography in the editorials, to the inspiring articles of people, and the eclectic groupings of must-know musicians— this lil mag is a winner in my book!

Take a look-see for yourself here. Can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

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2) Element Eden + Live Learn Grow Collection inspired by Amy Purdy.

Element Eden is the feminine and flirty version of Element, focusing on environmentally-conscious clothing for the surfer/skater-inspired lifestyle. They also launched an “advocate” program, a group of real women doing interesting things that capture the definition of the Element Eden gal. A woman who inspires others to “Live, Learn, Grow”, which they define as:

1) Someone who’s passionate about life

2) Inspired by art + creation

3) She’s conscious about social + environmental awareness

4) She’s empowered despite obstacles in front of her

5) She’s beautiful on the inside and out

6) She follows her dreams + speaks from her heart

7) She’s fearless

Check out this video below and click here to learn more about Element Eden.

I really love what they are doing and wish more female clothing companies would follow their mantra, instead of inspiring women to be sex objects.

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3) Amy Purdy.

All I can say, is this girl rocks. And she’ll inspire and empower you too. And you can see why Element Eden was so inspired by her. She didn’t let her circumstance get in the way of her living her fullest, most adventureous, and most fulfilling life. Instead of me gushing by how great and inspiring she is… I’d rather you listen from her. Below is a TedX talk she gave last year and I warn you, you may need a tissue.

The power of imagination. Believe in the possibilities.

I believe that God wants our life to be meaningful, beautiful and extraordinary. And God is inviting all of us to write a better story. You see, we are all in some kind of circumstance or situation that puts us in a pickle. So we complain and feel all bummed and seeing other people with nicer things, better paying jobs, bigger this or that, or we just feel that life doesn’t seem fair. But our story isn’t completely “our” story. I believe that our story is what God has in his plan and vision. That Jesus becomes the author. Hmm… yes, I’m sure I got some peeps out there that are now wondering why they are reading this blog… Well, He thrives within you and wants you to make your story epic.

“Our response to this drama or circumstance is a direct response to what you want to focus on. And your response is a direct reflection of that information (not necessarily the truth). Using worship as a response to truth is a weapon in your life ” – Miles Mcpherson.

You just have to let God know that you need his help. That you can’t do this on your own. That when you open your heart to his guidance and plan, that he’ll guide you. You see, we aren’t in control of our lives. Yes, we all have routines, and like to be masters of control freakin’, but things are gonna happen again and again, without our control. Loved ones will die. Loved ones will lose their job. Loved ones will get cancer. And we aren’t in control. But its how we respond that situation, circumstance or rock in our path that makes all the difference. Do you inspire hope? Do you inspire love? How will you write your story?

Peace, love & blessings! And thank you for reading.




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I had a bunch of ideas for today’s post (sourcing all my favorite things to give loved ones etc), but my heart just didn’t have the energy. And honestly, seems that when I’ve just let my fingers type (or when I’m driving in my car) and letting my thoughts flow and dance, is when it seems to come from my heart and gives me the most clarity, which is why I’m doing this blog.

But here’s a lil somethin’ somethin’ for Valentine’s Day that I found from Friends of Type blog. These guys are killer with type. And I visit their blog often for inspiration. And this quote is timeless.

It’s amazing how one’s heart will guide you, not your eyes, your sense of touch or even your brain. When you do/ say/ feel what intuition guides you to, it’s pretty powerful. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). The voice of that purest light of yourself  telling you what to do. Meditation is another wonderful way to engage in that stillness and open your heart to this or His guidance too.

Well that’s it… I hope your day is filled with chocolates (I’m thinking the really good kind, like dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt!).

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This is My Life I'm Happy to be Living It

I found this creative collage & photo by Katie Licht via the Creature Comforts blog. Be happy for the life you are blessed with. God believes and knows you can handle it. Keep on keepin’ on!


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This is an eclectic forum for me to share my favorite memories of Tim, heal my heart, and create fun things. This
blog is dedicated to Tim and keeping his legacy alive. He filled my life with so much love, laughter and tons of
adventure. We were together 8 years, and married for 4.5 years.

He was my whole heart. My whole life. But his love and zest for life definitely thrives within me. I am so lucky
and blessed for this. I can’t put into words how much I miss him, but I realize he is on “his own” adventure and
no longer suffering.

As I move forward, this is my journey for creating a new life for myself. I’m not “letting go,” just forging ahead.
That life is truly a gift, and to give it my fullest. To have fun. Really enjoy each day. And that my family and
friends, not objects or things, have and always will be my true happiness.

I hope this blog will inspire and empower you as well. Thank you for reading and sharing. God bless. ♥

The above photo was taken last year during Tim’s birthday weekend. He wanted to get out of town and escape.
Tim loved trees. After we settled into our hotel room, we both landed on the bed and just gazed at this view. We
were deep in thought. I don’t know what he was thinking. I prayed for comfort and peace. That Tim would be
free from health emergencies and avoid any health drama for this long weekend. Didn’t seem like a crazy wish,
but considering Tim’s recent history, that prayer was huge. It was a great weekend. A bit of casino slot
machines. Ordering room service. A nice view of trees. Spending quality time with my mate. And free from any
hospital equipment. I’m so blessed for that memory. This was our last real vacation together. I wonder if TIm’s
entrance to heaven looked like this. I hope it was like this or way better!

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