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omo-solo-retreatHappy Friday peeps! I’ve been a busy bee and haven’t been able to post, but I’ll share more on that on Monday’s post, stay tuned!

Here’s a few photos from my quick lil overnight getaway last weekend to La Quinta. And, boy was it warm. The photo above shows me in the hammock. And ironically, this resort is smack dab in the middle of the desert – but you can’t tell. Hah, its crazy how landscaping can fool us. My awesome friends from LA (love you Cat & Arthur) hooked me up with an awesome room at the La Quinta Resort. I was so thankful and grateful for that! What a way to relax— they’ve got 41 pools, 2 golf courses, and tons of tennis courts. It’s an insanely beautiful and historic resort, go there if you can. Great for families too! I also had time to meetup with my niece-in-law, it was so great to catchup with her too.

Ironically, this weekend everyone that’s out there in the desert is at Coachella, so hoping everyone stays hydrated! I felt like I couldn’t drink enough water when I was there . I was so parched! Chugging water in the middle of the night! Check out this link to watch or listen to all the Coachella performers live.


Sooo… enjoy the weekend my friends. What fun plans do you have for the weekend?? I hope its warming up where ever you are. Here’s photos from my solo retreat last weekend. xoxo











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