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Ollie cuddle

I came down with a head cold this week. Some people put phases on the level of a cold. I feel like I hit the phase before you call it the flu.

And because I’m old school with this blog, meaning I don’t schedule my posts in advance — I just write freely and spontaneously— which has put this blog on a slight hold this week. So, I thank you for your patience, as I was getting all proud of myself for squeezing back into a consistent routine with this.

Here’s a picture of Jollie Ollie keeping cozy and warm. I’m hoping to be feeling better and blogging back tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend, right? Maybe this cold was telling me to enjoy ANOTHER (unproductive) week off. So kind, isn’t it.

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Just got back from a 10-day trip back East to visit my family. I’m glad to be back in paradise, but miss my family. Took Oliver to the beach this morning and we both had a hoot.

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Man, what a week. There’s been so many signs telling me to make some changes in my life. And I think it’s caused me to be an emotional wreck. Though, there’s been some good layers that needed “peeling.”

I’m fearful. Confused. Stressed. Why? I guess we always want a guarantee on our decisions. That if we make a mistake things will be quickly fixed. And when the fixes aren’t quick, then we second guess or it’s not how we thought things were going to go. But that’s not life is it?! Life is FULL of complications. Full of change. Change that you don’t want. Full on up and down. But going through these changes and how we build our character and how we learn, that’s what defines ourselves isn’t it.

So, what do I have to lose? That’s what I keep telling myself. A LOT. If I continue to keep things the same. One of my biggest fears already happened. That Tim’s life was taken too young. Sooo… how bad can the rest of my fears of change be?

But what I read and learned this week has been powerful. That I have to let go and just trust in HIM. That if I listen to all these signs that God and the universe have been sprinkling, and give it my full heart, that’s what God is guiding me towards. To let go of those fears that the other bad guys wants— the misconceptions, the fears, the evil— that’s trying to interrupt and sidetrack what God and my heart wants. And it’s all gonna work out. It always does.

Cuz living ain’t living when you’re full of all these fears controlling your life. So here’s to having a fun, fearless weekend! Love and blessings.

The photo above is from my great walk this morning with Oliver, my lil sunshine.


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This photo was taken back in 2007. I love how candid the first shot is. And the second shot makes me smile. Oliver looks a bit goofy, and Tim’s got a sassy grin, like he’s about to make a joke of some sort.

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