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Yesterday I celebrated Oliver’s 7th birthday. Woof Woof! To the Best. Dog. Ever.

I treated him like a proud and happy momma does. Took him to his favorite beach. Threw the ball until he was luggage. Then took him home (after a good dog wash, of course, no sand in my house!) and, gave him lots of yummy treats, and big smoochers. Even gave him a spoon full of peanut butter!

And then… I might have gone a lil crazy and decorated him with birthday garlands. Yep, he gave me the evil eyeballs with that, but he got extra treats. And  geesh, it was the first time I’d ever celebrated his birthday. And he deserved some fun and festive-ness.

On mornings when I’m not eager for his runs or walks, or when I’ve come home and realize this situation isn’t what we both planned, he is ALWAYS wiggles and love. I’m so thankful and invigorated by him. He truly is my light. My light with four legs.

Four-five months after Tim passed away, I found out that Oliver had cancer tumors that had to be removed. After a hefty vet bill, the vet said he’d have at least 4 more years. I was heartbroken. I wasn’t ready for him to go yet, but thankfully, Oliver’s still got plenty of time. It was just another wake up call, that we should never take our loved ones for granted.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy, busy routines and lives. Work is always nagging. Tons of excuses. Tons of distractions. Whatever it may be. But cherish and honor the time you have with friends, family, husbands/wives, mates, etc.

I’ve made a promise to consciously enjoy my time with Oliver. To relish it. His bouncing energy is so uplifting and hilarious. He constantly makes me smile, even when I’m in a bad mood, stressed out, or feeling lonely. His unconditional sweetness and goofiness, is such a gift.

So with that, here’s photos and Video from our fun-filled morning.



And then… I had to try party hats and garlands.




And the best for last…


Thanks Jollie Ollie, for making my life awesome! xoxo





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