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It’s officially summer, thanks to the June 20th summer solstice. Time to shalack on the sunscreen, enjoy icy treats and relish in the good times.

Last summer was quite a blur for me. I was stoked to re-introduce myself to my quaint beachy, surf town, since the previous summers were filled with intense rollercoasters–and not the fun kind at the fair—more like the emotional kind. I was lovingly devoted to being at Tim’s side either at home or in the hospital, or chained to the intense deadlines at work.

And although I was able to enjoy time at the beach last year, one might think sitting at a beach should bring one happiness, it did in many ways, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, it filled my heart and mind with so many great memories that I shared with Tim, so it was very sad, numbing, and surreal.

So this summer, I’m ready to enjoy life again, explore and create some new memories.

Get the salt in my hair. Spend time with friends (from my past and new ones that I have yet to meet). Barbecues. Outdoor festivals and fairs. Fireworks lighting up the sky. Road trips. And more.

Enjoying your summertime doesn’t involve lots of money or lots of work. Just the right mindset.

Thought these few things might inspire your summer agenda too. Above art from here.

This found here

This found here

Enjoy your summer peeps! xoxo

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