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I’m totally digging this New Zealander named Lorde. She’s über talented and beautiful and just 16 years old. And when you listen to her music, you can’t believe she’s 16. I mean SERSLY!

Her music is edgy, authentic and playful. I’m digging her new album, The Love Club. But her new song, Royals was what stopped me in my tracks and got me to shazam her, when I heard it on the radio. Listen and watch below.


This “Royals” song by Lorde actually reminds me of Sofia Coppola’s new movie called The Bling Ring, based on true events of a group teenagers who take part in stealing from Paris Hilton and other celebrities. The movie actually has scenes actually shot in Paris Hilton’s home. The movie is an interesting twist on fame and greed. These teens become some so infatuated with celebrity luxury they turn criminal.


Lorde images from here. Bling Ring images from here.

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Happy Friday Peeps! I was cracking up at these first two videos and had to share, if you haven’t already seen these. These show how a little shake of the hips can brighten any circumstance or mood. Sooo… git up on your feet and show me whatcha got!

The guys from Soul Train are too legit too quit. The outfits, the moves, I’m so impressed! Why doesn’t every BBQ or party include a dance line, or maybe I need to invite myself to those parties.


Thank you AJ, for this gem. My dog Ollie has got some skills to learn!


It’s interesting how this video montages intense war footage with various dancing. Makes you realize how dancing can transform and bring joy, can really change your mood and perspective on life.

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Happy Friday peeps! One of my favorite parts of the Catalyst Conference (see my full post here) a few weeks ago was Johnnyswim.

Johnnyswim is Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. She’s stunning— the daughter of Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano— and he’s quite handsome (!) and originally from Jacksonville, Florida.

They first met after Sunday service at a church in Nashville. Four years later Sudano attended a songwriting workshop held by Ramirez and became interested in writing songs with him. So frickin’ cute, right?

What I loved about them, is that they reminded me of a modern-day Johnny and June Carter Cash, but their music flirts with folk, soul and rock.

They were so flirty and engaging on-stage. Such great chemistry together, you can really tell they have a deep love and admiration for one another, and she has a fun, little sway and dance as he play guitar.

Now, go and check out this link to listen and download new music. My favorite is “Home.”

Have fun dancing to their music and enjoy your weekend. xoxo




 Photos from Last photo by Tec Petaja

Johnnyswim At Catalyst from Luke St. Lucas on Vimeo.

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It’s Monday. And if you night owls are up for something cultural for your ears, check out a new radio show called: College. Art. Radio. It’s hosted by good friend, Mike Stice.


Mike showcases eclectic and underrepresented music and interesting conversations with talented artists and art industry folks. A few of his recent guests included Greg Escalante, the founder of Juxtapoz magazine, and Andrew Byrom, internationally acclaimed type and graphic designer.

I love listening to Stice’s great mix of music from all the years, everything from folk to alternative to funk and rap. Lots of quality tunes that you might not have heard before.

Listen in // Mondays nights from 11p-midnight on Laguna Beach’s 93.5 fm or download the podcasts here.


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This song (play it below) came to me today, and I’ve been playing AND dancing nonstop! Play this loud and dance around. Trust me, you’ll feel so good.

I’ve had so many discussions in the past few days about “LOVE”. Not just love in relationships or a soulmate, but what I love, love with life, career, personal things, God, etc.

That love is bigger than just a word. It’s a verb, a way of life.

Instead of a life-style, we are in a LOVE-style. A love story. A story that is bigger than we can imagine.

So, these past few days, I’ve been formulating my business plan and in reality I’ve defined (am still defining) my plan for love and happiness. Or at least, I’ve defined my priorities, and making sure my career, life, love, and etc sync with this.

Cuz as we know, life doesn’t go as planned. I’m a witness to this. Heartbreaking reality of that!

But, I’ve forced myself to slow down and focus. And it feels good. Feelin’ that love from the universe. MMM-hmmm!

And I couldn’t have realized or done this many months ago or a year ago, too much in the widow fog, feeling lost, deep heartbreaking pain. And still demanding answers to the “WHYs.”

Anyways, I know we go through waves of emotions and thoughts of what the future will be, why certain things happened, etc. But realize that allowing yourself to slow down — to stop and pause — that all the other distractions that tug at our lives, you’ll realize what’s really important.

To Feel Love. Maybe you’ll call it Self Love. Loving others. Loving what you do. But you are unconditionally and always loved. And you are the beholder/vessel/giver/ mirror of love.

And as an ending lil nugget… someone wise once told me, to be an influence of change, just smile.

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