Sending deep prayers and compassion for those in Boston. What an insane surprise attack. I turned on the TV and saw the drama blasted on all the news channels. I was in shock, as I’m sure all of you are in. A day of triumph and athleticism transformed into darkness. Can’t believe it.

This attack certainly wiped away all the silly load of things I was juggling and stressing about today. Tragedy has a way of surprising us with the evil in the world. My thoughts have been with all those affected and all those in Boston who are completely shaken up by this and still what’s unknown to come next. I don’t understand how and why these senseless acts of violence continue to occur to harmless, good people. But all I can do is pray and hope that authorities will figure this out soon. xoxo


Artwork above by DeLovely Arts.

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omo-solo-retreatHappy Friday peeps! I’ve been a busy bee and haven’t been able to post, but I’ll share more on that on Monday’s post, stay tuned!

Here’s a few photos from my quick lil overnight getaway last weekend to La Quinta. And, boy was it warm. The photo above shows me in the hammock. And ironically, this resort is smack dab in the middle of the desert – but you can’t tell. Hah, its crazy how landscaping can fool us. My awesome friends from LA (love you Cat & Arthur) hooked me up with an awesome room at the La Quinta Resort. I was so thankful and grateful for that! What a way to relax— they’ve got 41 pools, 2 golf courses, and tons of tennis courts. It’s an insanely beautiful and historic resort, go there if you can. Great for families too! I also had time to meetup with my niece-in-law, it was so great to catchup with her too.

Ironically, this weekend everyone that’s out there in the desert is at Coachella, so hoping everyone stays hydrated! I felt like I couldn’t drink enough water when I was there . I was so parched! Chugging water in the middle of the night! Check out this link to watch or listen to all the Coachella performers live.


Sooo… enjoy the weekend my friends. What fun plans do you have for the weekend?? I hope its warming up where ever you are. Here’s photos from my solo retreat last weekend. xoxo











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It’s Monday. And if you night owls are up for something cultural for your ears, check out a new radio show called: College. Art. Radio. It’s hosted by good friend, Mike Stice.


Mike showcases eclectic and underrepresented music and interesting conversations with talented artists and art industry folks. A few of his recent guests included Greg Escalante, the founder of Juxtapoz magazine, and Andrew Byrom, internationally acclaimed type and graphic designer.

I love listening to Stice’s great mix of music from all the years, everything from folk to alternative to funk and rap. Lots of quality tunes that you might not have heard before.

Listen in // Mondays nights from 11p-midnight on Laguna Beach’s 93.5 fm or download the podcasts here.


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With Spring arriving, thought this was perfect for today. Happy Friday peeps!

This inspirational short by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg reminds us why each day in our lives is a precious gift, and that experiencing the world through gratitude can open our hearts.

I love that the filmmaker chose to document nature, and it’s because he “slowed down” with his own life that enabled him to really share how amazing nature and life is. And I’ve been acknowledging this slowing down, feeling comfort and peace with the future. My mind is more relaxed, which in turn, allows me to deepen my creative thinking.

TEDx video. Cinematography by Louie Schwartzberg, Music by Gary Malkin, written and narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast.


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Today is Tim’s 43rd birthday. Let’s give a huuuuuge shout out and rockin’ high fives to celebrate the strong, fearless, genuine, goofy, energetic, quick-witted, creative and amazing warrior we knew as Tim. No tears, just an abundance of love and gratitude. That’s what he’d want.

And although we can’t see, talk and hug him — or hear his contagious laugh, we know he’s with us. My heart  feels it deeply. He’s sprinkling a lil bit of extra love and good vibes to all of us today and this week. A day to remember those enriching memories that he dutifully and enthusiastically filled into our hearts. It’s his birthday, but he was such a gift to each of us.

He reminds us to be unstoppable. To give each day our fullest. That we are each fighting and battling something. But that we’ve got to rise above, cruise above the negativity and let go. We need to be free. See the love. Be the love. And realize the bigger understanding of who we are and how to move forward.

To carry on where his life stopped. It’s about time. It’s about today. Yeeeeeeeeeeeebra!



tim-video (Enhanced) from Michelle Gutmann on Vimeo.

When time allows, take a moment to watch this video. It’s 20 minutes. Yes a bit long, and well, Tim probably wished it was longer, hah! Anyways, for those that didn’t know Tim, you’ll surely get a sense of his love for adventure and silliness.

The song that plays halfway through, “Over the Rainbow” by  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole always tears me up. It was the song I requested for our wedding day. It played as our bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle. It was the song that magically played when we were in a helicopter through all the waterfalls on our honeymoon in Maui (such an awesome wedding gift from Stice!!), and it magically played when I was in Florence, Italy last September. Tim was my dream come true. It hurts that the dream has ended. It was a “wonderful world” – those 8 years with him. But I’m stoked that Tim is “home.”  Lots and lots of love to him today, love you shugar. xoxo

Photos above by me // Top: Maui on our honeymoon, Middle: Portland, Bottom: Australia, Gold Coast. 




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