onmyown-bepatientHappy Labor Weekend peeps!

I’m sorry it’s been 2 full months or so since I’ve posted. I’ve focused on building my business and working on some killer clients and haven’t had time to blog. Feeling exhausted, beat down, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated and realizing that I need to incorporate more balance. More time to honor and cherish myself. So this holiday weekend is perfect timing!

And today I’m feeling a huge wave of love and gratitude. Maybe because my birthday is on Sunday and there’s this celebratory vibe in the air.

Anyhoots, here’s a lil bit of love I’ve created above for you. When life gets hectic and uncontrollably overwhelming, remind yourself of this message above.

Sounds simple and too basic??

When you trust and have faith in something beyond yourself, you know that before good change can happen, things are usually CRAY CRAY. Be receptive during this CRAY CRAY. You probably don’t realize that life is handing you this mess so that you can see the way THROUGH it. To power through the struggle because there are wonderful lessons within it.

Yep. I know it takes time.

And its not easy.

But you are so loved through all of it.

Unconditionally. 24/7. 365 days a year.

You are awesome.

So… with that, have an awesome weekend and relax!

I’ve got friends coming into town and we are celebrating my 36 years in this world tomorrow night. I’m totally blessed and grateful for such beautiful and amazingly great friends and my family and friends that won’t be able to join in, but be there with me fully in spirit. And my soul sisters are my family, they really push and guide me to be what I sometimes can’t see in myself.

Hugs + High-fives, Michelle




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life-begins-endWe all need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It helps us grow. learn. Realize how amazing we are. That our challenges are opportunities. Doorways and windows to possibilities. New perspectives. Bigger lessons that we must forge through for an intentional and purposeful life. Don’t be afraid or worried what others think. Love this life you are in. It is so worth it.

Ask that guy out.

Tell your friend the truth.

Wander to a new place.

Enjoy a glass of wine at the bar alone.

Tell your boss that you’re not happy.

It’s your life, take control of it.

And don’t be so serious… make fun of yourself and laugh it off.

Image found here.



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I’m totally digging this New Zealander named Lorde. She’s über talented and beautiful and just 16 years old. And when you listen to her music, you can’t believe she’s 16. I mean SERSLY!

Her music is edgy, authentic and playful. I’m digging her new album, The Love Club. But her new song, Royals was what stopped me in my tracks and got me to shazam her, when I heard it on the radio. Listen and watch below.


This “Royals” song by Lorde actually reminds me of Sofia Coppola’s new movie called The Bling Ring, based on true events of a group teenagers who take part in stealing from Paris Hilton and other celebrities. The movie actually has scenes actually shot in Paris Hilton’s home. The movie is an interesting twist on fame and greed. These teens become some so infatuated with celebrity luxury they turn criminal.


Lorde images from here. Bling Ring images from here.

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comedians-cars-coffeeLoving this web series Jerry Seinfeld created called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s cawwfee tawlk at its best. And the good news is that each week there’s a new episode. Talk about caffeine fix.

Each video starts off with Jerry showcasing a vintage car of some sort—its like a mini commercial for each car—beautiful, tight shots of car details and Jerry cruising around town, you really fall in love with the car—and kinda forget that Jerry’s a comedian.

Then he calls up one of his comedian friends for a cruise in this fancy car. You follow them on their wild ride to get coffee and enjoy all their hilarious moments. It’s priceless.

Definitely check out my top two videos:
Gad Elmaleh (the French comedian who’s been called the Jerry Seinfeld of France)
Brian Regan (one of my favorite comedians).











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Love this photo juxtaposition of the pretty lady silhouette with nature image. To all my bold, beautiful lovelies out there. You are not alone. Lots of love and strength to carry you. Trust in what’s unseen. Stay positive. You are worth it.

Image from here.

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